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Privacy Policy

This policy and procedures have been developed to ensure that the RDCA complies with the Information Privacy Principles (IPP) contained in the Information Privacy Act 2000.

The IPP’s in relation to the Association’s activities concern:

Collection of data
Use and disclosure of data
Security of data collected
Access to and correction of data
Protection of any individuals anonymity

These IPP’s have been addressed: 

  • in the preamble to the Privacy Act Exemption form (refer RDCA website) that all clubs had their players complete and sign at the commencement of 2006/2007 season

  • or

  • in the Privacy Exemption Statement contained in the player registration form (refer RDCA website) which all new players must complete prior to commencing playing cricket in the Association.

Any queries in regard to this policy or in compliance with this policy should be directed to the RDCA’s Privacy Officer:
Mr. Stuart Newey
25 Glenwood Drive
Croydon, Vic 3136 

We respect your privacy and by signing this form you agree that personal information currently stored on the Sporting Pulse database may be used by the Ringwood & District Cricket Association and your Club:

  1. to facilitate communication with you as seen appropriate;

  2. to facilitate arrangements for insurance cover for you;

  3. to communicate with Cricket Victoria and its affiliates as well as Victorian Cricket Registration, Cricket Australia and other Cricket Associations; and

  4. as required by law

AND FURTHER you agree that the RDCA may use the database of Sporting Pulse or its successors as is appropriate to achieve these purposes.

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