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Junior Rep Cricket - Under 12's

Under 12 VMCU Carnival  -2023

Congratulations to the following boys who will represent the RDCA in  Mitchell Shield or Josh Browne team. 

Mitchell Shield

Will Macklin                      Coach

Chris Morrow                    Team Manager

Amos Horneman             North Ringwood

Charlie Bellingham          Croydon Ranges 

Charlie Frame                   Warrandyte

David Arul                         St Andrews 

Frazer Cummings            Warrandyte

Harrison Duff                   Seville Burras

Jack Batten                       Wonga Park

James Kellar                     North Ringwood

Jobe Walton                     Ainslie Park

Lachlan Morrow              Mt Evelyn

Lincoln Agnew                 Wonga Park

Raff Morcombe               Healesville

Josh Browne

Campbell Mole                Coach

Brad Niemann                 Team Manager

Mason Niemann             East Ringwood

Aeden Senti                     Yarra Glen

Alexander Kokovitis       Wantirna South

Ben Hunter                      Seville Burras

Callum Wilkins                Croydon North

Jake Troyahn                   Seville Burras

James Cook                     Lilydale

Kobe Ryan                      Templeton

Noah Butcher                 Warrandyte

Ryder Crowe                   Hoddles Creek

Sasha Copeman             Warranwood

Vivaan Varun                  Wantirna South

William Reid                    Warranwood

Practice Game

Sunday 4th Dec v SECA

         Mitchell Team- Pinks Reserve, Liverpool Road, Kilsyth

         Browne Team - Walker Res, Tyner Road, Wantirna South

Games to start at 10am. Please be at the ground by 9am. It is 40 over per innings so the games will finish around 3.30pm.

         Players to bring their own lunch and drinks and wear their club uniform

Carnival playing dates:

Wed 4/1              9am to 4pm                 1st Carnival game

Thurs 5/1            9am to 4pm                 2nd Carnival game

Fri 6/1                  9am to 4pm                 3rd Carnival game

Sun 8/1                9am to 4pm                 4th Carnival game

Mon 9/1             9am to 4pm                 5th Carnival game

Tues 10/1             9am to 4pm                 6th Carnival game

Thurs 12/1           9am to 4pm                 Semi Final

Sun 15/1               9am to 4pm                 Grand Final

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