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Under 12 Girls VMCU Carnival 2023

Congratulations to the following girls who have been selected to represent the RDCA in VMCU carnival.

Girls U/12 Claudia Fatone Shield

Haylee Landi                   Coach

Andrew Wheeler            Team Manager

Jessie Bartlett                  Warranwood

Clara Hale                        St Andrews 

Dana Stewart                   Norwood

Isabel Paisley                   St Andrews

Isabelle Wheeler             Ainslie Park

Isha Peshavariya            Chirnside Park

Jada Barsenbach            South Croydon

Jasmine Freeman           Ainslie Park

Matilda Jarrett                 St Andrews

Pippa Nott                       Warranwood

Teagan Pitt                      Warranwood

Carnival Playing Dates

Wed 4/1           9am to 4pm    1st Carnival game    
Thurs 5/1         9am to 4pm    2nd Carnival game

Fri 6/1               9am to 4pm   3rd Carnival game    
Mon 9/1         9am to 4pm    4th Carnival game     
Tues 10/1         9am to 4pm    5th Carnival game     
Thurs 12/1       9am to 4pm    Semi Final                   
Sun15/1             9am to 4pm    Grand Final                  


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