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Under 14 Girls VMCU Carnival 2024

Congratulations to the following girls who have been selected to play in the Julie Savage Shield U/14 team, representing the RDCA in VMCU Carnival .

The carnival will run for two weeks starting on Monday 8th Jan

Sarah Smith             (Coach)

Peter Spink               (Team Manager)

Abby Court              (Montrose)

Charlotte Witchell  (Warranwood)

Dana Stewart           (South Croydon)

Emily Downes          (Norwood)

Grace Manning       (Warranwood)

Isabel Wheeler          (Ainslie Park)

Isabelle Litchfield      (Ainslie Park)

Jasmine Freeman     (Ainslie Park)

Olivia Irvine                (Norwood)

Pippa Nott                 (Warranwood)

Ruby Bracegirdle      (Warranwood)

Stella Spink                 (St. John's Tecoma)

Summer Caldicott     (Healesville

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