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Veterans - Code of Conduct


  1. The following code of behaviour has been recommended by the Victorian Metropolitian Cricket Union (VMCU) for inclusion in local rules books.

  2. All matches shall be conducted in the true spirit of the game of cricket and club Officials, Coaches, Captains and Players are requested to adopt this code.

  3. No player or official shall, during any match, whether on or off the field of play, engage in conduct unbecoming to the game of cricket.
    Players shall:
    (a) Respect the umpire.
    (b) Not verbally or physically abuse any umpire.
    (c) Not dispute the umpire’s decision nor react in a threatening or disapproving manner.
    (d) When given out, move immediately from the field.
    (e) Generally assist the umpire in carrying out his duties.
    (f) Not indulge in “sledging” of opposition players.
    (g) Not verbally or physically abuse opposition players or officials.

  4. Clubs shall place all teams under the control of a responsible person.

  5. Captains shall:
    (a) Instruct all players to avoid time wasting. Incoming and outgoing batsmen are expected to pass on the field of play.
    Instruct bowlers to return to the start of their run-up quickly and be ready to bowl without time wasting.
    Instruct all fieldsmen to move quickly between overs and whenever required to change position, ie field setting and changes be undertaken without time wasting.
    (b) Ensure that players conduct themselves in a manner that conforms to the traditional image of the game of cricket.

  6. No alcohol shall be consumed by players or match officials during the hours of play.

  7. Players shall maintain a standard of dress consistent with RDCA Rule 78

  8. Clubs will be responsible for the behaviour of their supporters and spectators.

  9. Player being NAMED - see Rule 79(c).

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