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Good Sports / Illegal Drug Policy

The Alcohol and Drug foundation is committed to preventing alcohol and drug harm in communities around the nation.

By working directly with sporting clubs in the Good Sports program, we empower Australians to reach their full potential by living lives free from alcohol and other drug harm.

Further information can be found here:
Good Sports Step-by-Step Guide to developing an illegal drug policy

The problem

Historically, alcohol and sport have been closely linked in Australian culture. Many sporting clubs across Australia are dependent on the revenue made from alcohol to finance club activities.

However, alcohol can bring a range of issues for the club such as excessive drinking, drink driving and anti-social and unsafe behaviour.

Good Sports program

Evidence shows that community based sporting clubs are a great place for health promotion. Sporting clubs can positively impact their members lives outside of sport, by preventing alcohol problems such as excessive and underage drinking.

The Good Sports program is an initiative of the Alcohol and Drug Foundation to develop safe and healthier communities. The program helps sporting clubs manage alcohol responsibly and reduce harms associated with alcohol and other drugs.

Good Sports aims to:
  • Highlight the clubs important role within the community

  • Help clubs serve and sell alcohol within the law

  • Reduce alcohol related problems including binge and underage drinking, violence and drink driving

  • Increase club membership

  • Enable clubs to meet their duty of care obligations

  • Provide free ongoing education and support to clubs about harm reduction

Benefits of Good Sports
  • A healthier and inclusive club culture which is welcoming of families and juniors

  • More attractive to sponsors

  • New and diverse revenue streams

  • Increase in membership, volunteers and players

  • Improved relations with your local council and the police

  • Improved public image

  • Reduction of club liability risk

  • Applications for funding and grants are strengthened

  • Generate community support and respect

  • It is free of charge through government funding support

How Good Sports works

The Good Sports program is a three-step accreditation process. The three level accreditation criteria consists of alcohol management standards for clubs that serve and consume alcohol.

A dedicated Project Officer will be assigned to individual clubs to help committees and members progress through the three levels of the program.

The following is required of clubs to progress through the three levels.

Level 1: Liquor License, RSA Training, Smoke-free indoors, Good Sports Promotion

Level 2: Maintenance of Level 1, healthy food and drink options, safe transport policy, diverse revenue generation

Level 3: Maintenance of Level 1 and 2, alcohol management policy

Liquor License Snapshot
  • License and VCGLR signage on display

  • Red Line Plan on site

  • Consumption within trading hours and red line

  • 'Sign in' book for non members and members list

  • Incident Register

  • Booth License – Do you need one/have one?

Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA)

The Alcohol and Drug foundation offers Responsible Service of Alcohol training.


  • 4 hour course generally run from 6.30-10.30pm on Monday or Wednesday evenings

  • Presented by VCGLR qualified presenters

Number of People

  • We can have up to 30 people at the RSA course.

  • These do not all have to be from your club.

Facility requirements

  • Please open your club rooms up from 6.00-10.30pm on the night

  • Provide 30 chairs

  • Provide tea and coffee (optional)

  • Please contact Bill Karametos on 9611 6103 or via email

Club Liquor Licensing Seminars

The Alcohol and Drug foundation also offers Club Liquor Licensing Seminars.

The seminars aim to:

  • Increase knowledge and awareness of liquor licensing issues amongst club committee members

  • Help committee members and club liquor nominees to address issues of alcohol misuse and abuse within the club

  • Highlight the key responsibilities of holding a liquor license

  • Qualification required to change nominee or to get a new license

Cost: Negotiable upon request

Tackling the Issue

The Alcohol and Drug foundation also offers sessions to help clubs develop a policy on illegal drugs.

Having a policy on illegal drugs shows that your club is concerned about the health and welfare of its members.

A policy for illegal drugs sets clear standards for expected behaviour, acts as a positive influence on young members and prepares your club in case there is an incident.


For additional information on the Good Sports program, registering your club, hosting an RSA course, a drug seminar or wanting a Project Officer to visit your club please contact:

Bill Karametos
Regional Manager
Tel: 9611 6103

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