Jeremy Cliff (Lilydale) - D Grade
Offence:1) Abusive language to an umpire.
2) Misconduct in breach of Rule 80 'Code of Conduct'.
Penalty:1) 8 weeks
2) 2 weeks
Ineligible to play for the first 10 weeks of 2017/18 season.
Eligible to play after 10 December 2017.
Date of Incident:25-Feb-2017
Suspended Until: 15-Dec-2017
Opposition Club:Ainslie Park
Notes:Banned from officiating in any on-field capacity in any RDCA game


Robert Milton (Croydon North) - A Grade
Offence:Equipment Abuse
Penalty:2 weeks + 3 weeks suspended, effective Season 2017/18

Eligible to play after 15 October 2017
Date of Incident:11-Mar-2017
Suspended Until: 31-Mar-2018
Opposition Club:Ainslie Park


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