William Stafford

Life Membership Awarded - 2012/2013

Bill Stafford was born in Terang, western Victoria, in 1950 and was raised on a sheep farm at Hexham with his twin brother, two other brothers and a sister. Bill was educated at Hexham Primary School, Mortlake High School and Hamilton District and Alexander College where he was a boarder. The banking industry was Bill's primary employment sector with stints at the CBC Bank ( later merged with NAB), and National Mutual Royal (later merged with ANZ). Bill is married to Marg and they have 2 children and 2 grandchildren at the time of writing ( July 2013).

Bill's first involvement with cricket was at Hexham where he played senior cricket as the club did not have juniors. He was able to play junior cricket when at boarding school in Hamilton. A move to the city with his employer saw Bill playing cricket for the CBC Bank team in the Mercantile Cricket Association for 6 years where he played in 4 successive premierships. He also won a competition batting average during this period.

At this stage of his life Bill was also heavily in to Australian Rules Football and he had a distinguished career at East Burwood Football Club. He played in the 1973 and 1976 premierships, won the Best and Fairest award in 1975 and 1979 and was selected in East Burwood's Team of the Century ( with close friend and fellow RDCA Life Member Ian Spencer).

In 1978/1979 cricket season Bill , with the encouragement of Ian Spencer, joined the then Croydon Hockeyers Cricket Club where he so far played over 300 senior games, in excess of 150 veterans games as well as playing in 3 senior and 8 veteran premiership teams. Bill has always had a strong interest in the development of junior cricket and has filled the positions of Junior Co-Ordinator and Junior Coach for many years.

In 1998/1999 the Croydon Hockeyers Cricket Club merged with the Croydon United Cricket Club to form the new Croydon Ranges Cricket Club. After being President of Croydon Hockeyers for a total of 6 years in the 1980's and 1990's Bill was elected as the inaugural President of Croydon Ranges, a position he held for 9 years until 2006/2007. He then served on the club’s general committee and as Treasurer.

One of Bill's major achievements has been to instigate Croydon Ranges' establishment of the Access All Abilities (AAA) program which continues to provide an important link for disadvantaged people in becoming involved in cricket.

Bill's involvement with the RDCA administration commenced in 1992 when he joined the Veterans Executive in 1992 and he served as the veterans Treasurer until 2011/2012. From 2000/2001 Bill served as the veteran's representative on the RDCA General Committee which in turn became the Board of Management in 2003/2004. He remained in that position until 2011/2012 when he retired in order to become the Senior Coach at Croydon Ranges.

During his time with the RDCA Executive, Bill was heavily involved in the formulation of RDCA Strategic Plans, he was the project leader of the group that planned the implementation of the MyCricket system and was heavily involved in establishing the Executives Business Continuity Plan. At the time of writing Bill is a member of the GARP (Growth and Retention Project) set up to review the Association's current and future participation and marketing and promotional activities.

Bill has been strongly supported by wife Marg, who also served on the veterans Committee for many years. Bill and Marg served as co-ordinators of several Veterans tours to venues such as Colombo in Sri Lanka (2006) , Harrogate in the United Kingdom (2010), and Adelaide in South Australia (2012) As well as these tours, Bill and Marg also attended competitions in Christchurch, New Zealand (1992)and Vancouver, Canada (2002).

In recognition of their joint service to the veterans competition and committee the Veterans Masters Division 3 completion play for the Bill and Marg Stafford Trophy.

In recognition of his excellent service Bill was deservedly elected as a Life Member at the 2011/2012 Annual General Meeting of the Association.

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