W. Barkway

Life Membership Awarded - 1962/1963

Bill Barkway was a bus driver for Jeeves Bus Line that operated between Mount Dandenong and Croydon.  It is believed that he lived mainly in Montrose, not far from the big roundabout on Canterbury Road. 

Bill played for the Montrose Cricket Club, mainly in the 1950’s, and has been described as a player who ‘ did a bit of everything ‘ and was happy to mainly ‘ make up the numbers ‘. He was a club delegate to the Association in 1954-55.
Bill gave service to the Association in a number of roles in the 1950’s and 60’s.  He was Registration Secretary from 1955-56 until 1963-64, a selector, Team Manager  and scorer for representative teams for a similar period and he also served as a Vice President in 1959-60 to 1961-62.   Such was Bill’s dedication to his voluntary service, he returned as a volunteer in 1963 after suffering a heart attack in mid 1962. 


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