Timothy Court

Life Membership Awarded - 2011/2012

Timothy Court was born in Ferntree Gully in 1978 and grew up in the Bayswater area. He attended Bayswater West Primary School before graduating to the Wheelers Hill campus of Caulfield Grammar School where he completed his secondary education. Further studies were undertaken at Deakin University where Timothy completed a Bachelor of Commerce and later he completed a Masters of Applied Information Technology at Monash University.

Timothy has two brothers and wife Rebecca and two children at the date of writing. Rebecca has proven to be a significant support to Timothy's cricket involvement and she has been a valued contributor to the RDCA junior committee for a number of years. Timothy's father Robin is a well known Life Member of the Bayswater Park Cricket Club as is Timothy. Timothy was deservedly made a Life Member of Bayswater Park Cricket Club during the 2007/2008 season.

The Bayswater Park Under 12's is where Timothy started his cricket career in 1988/1989. He is still playing at the club today (July 2013) and during his time at the club he has played in all grades, has won various batting averages ( 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 6th elevens) and other club awards. He also served as an office bearer at the club for many years, including as Junior Co-Ordinator for 4 years from 1996/1997, as club Secretary for 2 years, Treasurer for 7 years and President in 2003/2004.

While at school, Timothy played in the APS competition for Caulfield Grammar when unable to gain permission to play for Bayswater Park.

From an early stage of his cricket career, and whilst still a teenager, Timothy found time to contribute to the Association and this has continued for many years. In 1995/1996 he began coaching the RDCA Under 12 team and he did this for 4 years. This lead to taking on the role of RDCA Junior Secretary in 1998/99 at the age of 20 and Timothy held that role for 4 years before becoming a general member of the Junior committee. For the 4 years that he was the Junior Secretary, Timothy also held a position on the then RDCA Senior Committee.

After a break from executive positions, Timothy was elected as President of the RDCA Junior Committee in 2007/2008 and he held this important position for 6 years before announcing that he was stepping down at the end of the 2012/2013 year. During this time Timothy was also a member of the Association's Board of Management. Timothy guided the Junior competition through substantial and important changes designed to retain and hopefully increase participation in cricket and his efforts in this role should not be under estimated. He is universally respected for his contributions to our Association and cricket in general.

Timothy has also found time to assist the Victorian Metropolitan Cricket Union in conducting their Christmas junior carnivals and has assisted Cricket Victoria in a number of projects. Perhaps Timothy's greatest visible achievement is the RDCA's Website. Created and maintained by Timothy, the Website is a magnificent source of all types of Association and club data and serves to keep all involved with our Association up to date with essential information. Timothy's dedication and contribution to this resource is simply outstanding.

Timothy was deservedly elected as a Life Member of our Association in 2011/2012. To receive the Association's highest accolade at the age of 34 serves to demonstrate the magnificent contribution that Timothy has made, and continues to make, to our Association.

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