S. Lennard

Life Membership Awarded - 1933/1934

Sutton Lennard appears on the Belgrave Cricket Club RDCA player list for 1928-29 being the year that Belgrave joined the RDCA from the Mountain District Cricket Association (they were to return to the MDCA a short time later).

Sutton was Captain of Belgrave in 1925-6, 1926-27 and 1929-30 and played in the then Country Week competition in 1925 representing the Mountain District Cricket Association (MDCA). He played in premiership teams in 1923-24, 1924-25 and in 1925-26 all in the MDCA. The MDCA and Belgrave C.C. actually disbanded for a year in 1927-28 because of the difficulties being experienced due to the oncoming depression.

Sutton was a successful cricketer over a number of years and his personal achievements at Belgrave included the captaincy of the club, membership of the club Hall of Fame (1 of 38 at this time) and also being a member of the club Team of the Century covering the period from 1907 to 1957. He also shares the club's record batting partnership of 298 in 1925-26 with his brother Alf Lennard. Alf played in the same premierships as Sutton and was also a member of the club's Hall of Fame and Team of the Century.

Sutton Lennard was to provide service to our Association for a number of years before he retired from office in 1937 due to ill health. Given Belgrave C.C.'s withdrawal from the RDCA, a way seems to have been found for Sutton to continue with his RDCA activities. He was President of the Association from 1930-31 until 1936-37 and also served on the Tribunal from 1932-33 until 1934-35.

Sutton Lennard was elected as a Life Member of the Association at the Annual General Meeting held at the Ringwood Town Hall on the 28th August 1934.

Signature of Sutton Lennard as taken from the RDCA Minute Book

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