R. Ellis

Life Membership Awarded - 1990/1991

When Ron Ellis passed away in January 2005, the RDCA lost one of its stalwarts. He was a former umpire, executive committee member, CUOV (now VMCU) delegate and a great supporter of cricket and cricketers in the RDCA.

Ron and his wife, Connie, moved to Ringwood North from New South Wales in the early 1980's and Ron immediately joined the RDCA umpires panel on which he served until the late 1990's. During his time as an umpire, Ron not only umpired at the highest level in the RDCA, he also held the position of President of the Umpires Association from 1986/87 to 1988/89 after which he became Secretary for the 1989/90 season. His service to umpiring in the RDCA was acknowledged in the 1989/90 season when he was awarded Life Membership of the RDCA Umpires Association.

At the start of the 1983/84 season, Ron was recruited to the RDCA Executive Committee and at that time took on the role of delegate to the CUOV, a role he retained until the end of season 1993/94. He served as a senior selector and on the Executive for many years. Ron was awarded Life Membership of the RDCA in the 1990/91 season and he remained on the RDCA Executive until the end of the 1996/97, when he retired due to ill health.

NOTE : Part of the above testimonial was taken from the 2004/05 RDCA Annual Report.

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