P.V. Edie

Life Membership Awarded - 1936/1937

Paul Edie is described as a tall man who had a strong interest in local sport. He operated an apple orchard in Montrose for many years and was also involved in other areas of the local community as he served as a Councillor for the Shire of Lillydale in the late 1930's.

Paul was obviously heavily involved in local Australian Rules football as he is a Life member of the (now) Eastern Football League (EFL). In addition to that honour, the EFL Division 2 Best and Fairest award was named after Paul Edie from 1972-84 and then the Division 3 Best and Fairest became the Paul Edie Medal in 1985 until the present day.

Paul first appears in RDCA records as being on the player registration list for Kilsyth Cricket Club in 1928-29 and 1929-30. He may have moved to Montrose Cricket Club mid season as he also appears on their playing list in 1929-30 and again in 1930-31. Paul also served as the Montrose delegate in 1932-33 and was a member of that club for many years.

Paul served on the RDCA Executive for many years and in a number of positions. Paul was a Vice President from 1944-45 until 1948-49, after which he served as President of the Association in the 1949-50 season. He then returned to be a Vice President from 1950-51 until 1957-58. Paul was deservedly awarded Life Membership in 1936-37.

In the RDCA Minutes of an Executive Meeting held on 28th July 1964 the following was recorded:

"His efforts on behalf of sport generally, and cricket in particular, will long be remembered. Cricket in this area had improved a lot during his association with the RDCA and Paul Edie was the man who, in many ways, had fathered that improvement"

copy of the signature of Paul Edie taken from the RDCA Minute Book.


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