M.E. Williams

Life Membership Awarded - 1969/1970


Morris, or Morrie as he was more widely known, started playing at Montrose Cricket Club in the late 1940's when he and his family moved to work with his father in law. , Pop Adams. He worked as a bus driver and mechanic in Pop's Green and Silver bus line. He played at Montrose for a few years but then stopped when his job and family no longer allowed the time.

He returned to the club in 1958 when it was decided to field an Under 16 team. His two sons, Eivion and David were among the eleven eager youngsters who were part of the team. It did not take much persuading to get Morrie to restart his playing career. As was his want he was recruited to the club committee and became an RDCA delegate. The position of RDCA Registration Secretary became vacant and Morrie was appointed in 1959. He held this position until 1969.when he retired. He was often had to answer regarded as a stickler for the rules and many clubs lost match points or were fined for unregistered players, incorrect details ,late registrations or any other breaches of the Association rules.

Morrie had a ready comeback for those clubs that complained that their results, team lists or registrations were mailed to arrive before the due date, as in addition to running the bus line Pop also had the rural mail delivery and Morrie delivered the mail regularly. Morrie's wife Jean often had to answer queries about many cricket matters and provided very able assistance to Morrie. The number of queries increased significantly coming up to finals time as clubs tried to ensure players were qualified for finals. Jean was always right as she knew the rules and their implementations as well as her husband, and games played were recorded in 'The Book'. Morris resigned his RDCA position in 1969 after becoming a Life Member of both Montrose Cricket Club and the RDCA.

Morrie was well known as an opening batsman who liked to get on with it and was more likely to club the first ball of an innings for four than to offer a straight bat. He was perhaps before his time and would have been well suited to the now popular 20/20 form of the game. He was also known to bowl well flighted off spinners that actually turned ! During his time he enjoyed great times as Captain of the Montrose 'C' Grade team and was extremely proud to captain a premiership that included his younger son David, who was also to become a Life Member at Montrose. Some of the most competitive games Morrie played in were against a Heathmont team captained by fellow RDCA Life Member and President Bill Dean. Bragging rights were also up for grabs and not an inch was given by either captain but once the game was over there was always a beer to be shared.

We are indebted to Morrie's son Eivion who provided the above information for us. Eivion was to have a successful cricket career when playing for Croydon Cricket Club where he is a Life Member.

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