Ian R. Dench

Life Membership Awarded - 2014/2015

As is the case with most Executive positions, Ian was tapped on the shoulder in 2005 and asked to stand for President of the Association.

Fortunately he accepted and in occupying that role for 9 years he became the 4th longest serving President of the RDCA.

Some of the initiatives that Ian oversaw, and drove in a lot of instances, during his tenure were, in no particular order:

  • Introduction of a new logo and registering it as the RDCA Trademark
  • Revision of Strategic Plan in 07/08 and kick starting further revision
  • Improved relationship with Ringwood Cricket Club
  • Introduction of 20/20 competition
  • Revamp of Executive structure in 09/10
  • Acquisition of tenancy and set up of RDCA headquarters at Jubilee Park complex
  • Improved liason and relationship with Cricket Victoria, culminating in receipt of a grant towards cost of “Review”
  • Naming of grades after Life Members
  • Formation of and heading up the GARP (Growth and Retention of Participants) sub-committee group which proposed various initiatives that have been implemented by Senior and Junior sections and been taken up by other associations.
  • Implementation of an extensive “Cricket Review” by an external consultant.

In addition to his RDCA service, Ian has had a long and continuing involvement at South Croydon, commencing back in the 80’s, where he has served in numerous roles, for which he was rewarded with Life Membership in 96/97 season.

Since vacating the RDCA President post, Ian has continued to research and write up the backgrounds of all Life Members for posting on the website (some to be posted).

Thanks to the consent of Phil McCallum, the text of Paddocks to Parks will be posted on the new website. Ian has volunteered to carry on from Phil’s work and, in due course, add details for the ensuing years.

Ian has made a great contribution to this point in time, he has been an outstanding administrator and is a thoroughly deserved recipient of Life Membership of the RDCA.

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