A.R. Bisset

Life Membership Awarded - 1953/1954

Bob Bissett’s name first appeared in the Association’s records on the Ringwood Cricket Club’s registered playing list for the 1927-28 season.   He was later to become Ringwood’s delegate to the Association in 1941-42, 1945-46 and 1946-47. It is believed that Bob’s father had a hay and grain store opposite the Coach and Horses hotel in Ringwood. 

Bob Bissett was to go on and provide tremendous service to the Association in a number of positions and over many, many years.  Besides being an umpire for some time, Bob was Secretary of the Association for 2 seasons in 1946-47 and 1947-48 and served as Treasurer for the period 1937-38 until 1991-92, an extraordinary term of voluntary service.   Add to this some time as a Vice President and as a Team Manager for representative teams and it is easy to see why Bob Bissett was awarded Life membership of the Association at the Annual General Meeting held on 28th August 1953.  The fact that the majority of his service occurred after being awarded this honour shows his dedication to the Association.  He was also the Association’s delegate to the then Victorian Junior Cricket Association (VJCA) from 1955-56 until 1964-65. 

The following tribute, compiled by Bill Wilkins and Lindsay Trollope, appeared in the 1990-91 Association Annual Report :
“ At the Annual Meeting Bob Bissett will conclude an amazing 50 years as Treasurer of the Association.  It is difficult to comprehend that a person could hold such an office for half a century, but indeed Bob has done that with good humour and patience for all that period. The majority of us were not even born when Bob began his service as Treasurer. Bob has been greatly assisted by his wife Fay and I adequately thank these people.  A special function will be conducted later in the year.  Bob’s expertise and his persistency will be greatly missed “.

As further recognition of Bob’s administrative service, the Association’s ‘Best Administered Club’ trophy is named after Bob Bissett. 

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