Thank You

24 August 2020 - Posted by Timothy Court


In this period of COVID isolation my Life Membership award was an unexpected achievement.  I would like to use this forum to say thank you to the RDCA community for this honour and acknowledge those who have given me their support over the years.

In particular the late Ken Johnston (RDCA Veterans founder), Ian Spencer, Pat Meehan and Ian Dench all providing knowledge and guidance on all matters of cricket which enabled me to combine with my own experiences and contribute to the running of cricket in the RDCA area.

To all others who have been and continue to be involved at club committee level, on the Junior, Senior, Veterans and Board of Management you have also been helpful and appreciated as part of my journey.

Cricket is a great sport for all ages and the health benefits should never be underestimated both physically and mentally.

To be considered worthy of inclusion into the Life Membership group is an honour and I again thank those who have posted on social media or sent me congratulatory messages.

My wife and children have never stopped me from playing cricket, despite the injuries, and I thank them too for their support.

Stay safe and I am looking forward to being able to get out and play cricket this summer.

Gregor Mason - RDCA Life Member


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