Saturday Junior Games Cancelled

1 November 2019 - Posted by Mandy Dolman


The dreadful weather forecast for Saturday has lead the junior committee to make an early decision and cancel play for the RDCA juniors tomorrow morning.

We know this Friday night decision could make the junior committee look silly but the weather forecast is bleak and we have decided to trust the bureau of meteorology and their forecast.

This decision allows people to plan their Saturday a little bit better and saves 800 players and parents an early morning.  Another consideration was games being one dayers and how any time lost would affect the actual flow of the game, when they are already reduced to 25 overs per team.

The under 12’s all managed to play tonight and the RDCA is committed to playing cricket on Cup Weekend………..unfortunately the weather has won the battle tomorrow.

Enjoy your weekend and good luck to all teams who start the 20/20 competition on Wednesday night.


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