Sat 28th -Podcast of Final Radio Show for 19/20 season

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Please find at the bottom of this page the attached link to the podcast of yesterday’s radio show.
It is a 2 hour show where we covered FTGCA for the first half hour or so with relevance the RDCA also.
With the restrictions in place , what with social distancing due to Covid-19 we could only have two persons in the studio .  Myself and Wayne Brasher hold "radio presenting status" through Radio Eastern via the operation of the panel so we were the lucky two.
So alas Paul Denton , Ray Baird and Norm Reeves could not come in for our last show, but still gave us their input as you will hear through the podcast.
On that note I would like to thank those three guys for their help and contribution throughout the year, and to Paul in particular for hosting and doing a great job yet again.
Their passion towards the game that we love had shone through in abundance and was great to share the studio, and a coffee every week after the show.
A huge thankyou too to Wayne Brasher who puts all the stats together for the show and works tirelessly on this during the week and for his help with recording of the show and passing me the link every week so for those that can't listen in on a Saturday morning have the opportunity to hear it through the podcast.
On behalf of myself, Wayne Paul Ray and Norm, we would like to thank the listeners, and to those who watched through our live feed via Facebook which we introduced during this season.

Finally a massive thankyou to all the guests that came on the show. We did not have anyone let us down, they all showed up on time and made a huge contribution to the show.
Too many to mention but I will anyway:

So thankyou to:

Mark Hardy
David Johnson Luke Scott
Quinton Hodgkinson Mitch Ebeyer
Dwayne Paisley Dylan Cuthbertson
Jake Crowe Damian Ford
Dave Sherlock Shane Kelton
Andrew Gottleibson Tyson Henry
Marcus Adams Todd Cordwell
Matt Stoikos Michael Scott
Nick Bole-Brown Dallas Leeming
Sam Story Ben Hastie
Stephen Nicholl Jordan Kearney
Lachlan Stonehouse
Marty Clohesy
Sean Flynn Alexandra Sheedy Mark Sheedy
Ryan Sleeman Shane Findlay
Simon Helmut Paul Atfield
Ryan Murray Chris Wullaert
Cam Smith Drew McKay
Danny Keane Shane Kelton
Kane Jones Tim Heaphy
Jo Fairy Liz McLelland
Daniel Barsenbach Michael King
Troy Donis Matt Fasson Josh Exley

Its just a shame that the season finished the way it did but please stay safe in these trying times and already looking forward to season 2020/21.

Dave Raggett




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