Juniors Important Information for Round 1 Games

6 October 2016 - Posted by Bill Stafford



We will attempt to play as many junior games as we possibly can this
weekend.  We have 54 games fixtured and we are aware that they will not all
get played but we are hoping to play as many as we can.  If your ground is
fit for play you have no issue (unless it rains again)

The following process should be followed if your ground is unfit for play

1.      Check with your opposition and see if they have a ground that can be

2.      If that is a YES -play at their ground and notify Bill Stafford,
billstafford1@bigpond.com for my cricket & insurance purposes.  If under
16/1 or 16/2 notify Andy Exley,andy_exley@hotmail.com so he can contact the
umpire and advise of the venue change.

3.      If neither team has a ground available,  you can try to source
another ground from another club .... although time is running out to
arrange this.  If you manage to arrange this again notify all players, Bill
Stafford and Andy Exley if it is an under 16/1 or 16/2 game.

4.      If there is no ground available,  notify all players from both teams
that the game is abandoned.  Enter your team list on my cricket and mark the
result as a draw. One side will need to enter the result and the other side
will need to confirm the result.  If you are under 16/1 or 16/2 please
notify Andy Exley so he can contact the umpire and advise them that the game
is abandoned.

Good luck to all teams that do get a start and I am sure the kids are
jumping out of their skin to play.

Mandy Dolman
RDCA Secretary

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