Round 1 - Senior Competition

6 October 2016 - Posted by Gregor Mason


My SMS today to all club secretaries said that all games for A to L grade have been abandoned for Rd 1, due primarily to many of the grounds either deemed unplayable by the council, too wet/muddy, long grass or pitches not yet uncovered. Most need 3 - 4 days of sunshine and wind to dry out enough for the heavy mowing equipment to be used.

There will not be a make up round and teams do not need to be entered into My Cricket, qualifications for finals will be reviewed as a result of this decision.


Our Top 4 grades will all play on Saturday and unless there is a major weather change that could cause an abandonment decision, umpires and captains will determine the playability of the ground on the day but at this stage we have made every effort to select grounds that are fit for play. Discussions with councils, personal inspections and feedback from clubs have helped make this determination.


Home teams playing at a neutral venue, WWD, BYP,  STA & CRR should contact SBY, LYD, SCR, APK as host clubs to find out about facility access, and equipment availability however I suggest that you take your own stumps, bails & chalk.  It is also an opportunity for the host clubs to have canteen and bar facilities available but this may not be the case at all venues.



In Trollope WWD v WSO (at Exner Res Scoresby),  BYP v NRI (at Lilydale #1), TMP v NOW, SCR v WDT, APK v LYD as per fixture.


In Wilkins WOP v SWT at Yarra Valley Grammar, CNT v CRR (at Barngeong #1), CPK v KIL (on Kimberley #2), EAR v MTR & MOO v STA as fixture.


In Newey all should play as fixture.


In Pascoe STA v SCR (at Glen Park or Wantirna Reserve), CRR v NRI (at Griff Hunt), SWT v MOO, KIL v HMB & WDT v WWD as fixture.


I will know tomorrow about Glen Park and will confirm with clubs and umpires, but as of tonight Glen Park is the venue.


Start time is 1.00pm.


Whilst not the ideal start to the season, especially for those of us not playing, good luck and thank you for your patience.



Gregor Mason

RDCA Senior Secretary


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