4 September 2020 - Posted by Jo Fairy


To all RDCA Club Presidents and Secretaries

Welcome to the 2020/21 season, particularly to all the YVCA clubs joining us. Your Senior Committee has been active over the last month on the season preparation with the integration of the YVCA Senior Clubs and Umpires. We will be including 4 or 5 clubs into the RDCA Premier grades (not Trollope or Wilkins) with a separate Yarra Valley Zone covering 2 or 3 grades playing within the Yarra Valley. These matters, and many others, are being discussed by the RDCA / YVCA Integration Committee. A final decision on gradings cannot be made until all clubs have submitted their team entries with possible grounds due on 30th September. On the latter I would strongly encourage you to keep in touch with your local council’s relevant officers as they have now started their ground allocations and we know that some grounds will not be available for part or all of the cricket season.

As the year progresses it has become clear that we are not going to have a ‘normal’ cricket season. That is 14 rounds consisting of 7 two-day games and 7 one-day games played on Saturdays. The RDCA Senior Committee is currently looking at a variety of options as to what the coming season may look like, but ultimately we can only do so much until we get clear return to play dates as dictated by the State Government.

We are conducting a short survey to gather feedback from all our stakeholders – Clubs, Players and Officials.

We are asking that you please share this survey with your members and encourage them to complete it. We also ask that each club discuss the options as a committee and provide an official club response. All responses will be treated confidentially, and we will not be sharing how individuals or clubs responded.

The more feedback and ideas we get the better. The information we receive here will help us make quicker and better decisions once we do know how many weeks are available. This means we can communicate the format and draws to the clubs as soon as possible.

With our normal 24 Saturday season already impossible, we would like everyone to keep an open mind and consider all the possibilities to achieve the fairest and best season possible for everybody. Some key considerations before answering should include:

weighing up maximising games vs a fair draw as we may not be able to achieve both, and

longer innings and spells (2-day cricket) vs more innings and spells (1-day cricket).

Please access the survey at the link below RDCA SENIOR COVID RESPONSE SEASON 20/21 with the deadline for completion Sunday 18th September 2020 at 6:00 pm.

If you experience any problems with the link please contact Matt Thomas at the below email and he will send you a Word copy.

As always if you have any questions please contact Matt Thomas at mattyt33@yahoo.com.au or on 0407 874 894.

Many thanks.



Pat Meehan

RDCA Senior Chairperson

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