26 November 2017 - Posted by Roger Copeland


REPORT 25-11-17

Round 6 of the Ringwood and District Cricket Association concluded on Saturday with nearly all games getting a result, after being cut short by thunder storms last week.

In Trollope Shield, Montrose resumed at 7-98 against North Ringwood and it wasn’t long before Jay Stoikos (5-46) and Luke Ridgwell (4-45) improved on their bowling figures of last week to see Montrose dismissed for 125.  In reply Ryan Peter-Budge (44no) held the Bulls innings together chasing this total to see them finish on 6-133 off 51 overs to take 1st innings points. Daniel Dimitriou (3-36) took the bowling honours for the Wolves.

Ainslie Park’s Mark Arnot (6-43) and Leigh Jones (4-49) insured Wantirna South’s innings did not get out of hand. The Devils resumed at 5-119 and only Sam Barnes (51no) weathered the storm to see them finish on 178. This total was easily chased down by the Parkers batsmen with Trent Sier (78no), Dillon Bettess (36no), Jake Tucker (36) and David Killen (26) all contributing to the final score of 2-180 off 42 overs.

When South Croydon resumed at 3-124, against Warrandyte, Michael King (76no) and Tom Edwards (51) put on 112 for the 4th wicket enabling the Bulldogs to finish on 6-230.  A cautious start by Warrandyte saw Lloyd Williams (50) and Ben Taylor (29) put on 54 runs for the 1st wicket before Glynn James (5-32) started running through Warrandyte’s batting order, but they managed to hang on to finish on 9-135 thus drawing the game.

In the Saturday/Sunday game Lilydale won the toss and invited Bayswater Park to bat. David Mitchell (43), Andrew McKenzie (30) and James Court (23) got the Sharks off to a good start but once again they capitulated to the bowling of Ryan Smith (5-16) to be all out for 146. Lilydale will resume at 2-42 on Sunday.

RDCA SCORES 18-11-17


Trollope Shield

Ainslie Park v Wantirna South 5-119 N. DeSilva 49, Warrandyte v South Croydon 3-124 O. Brown 73, North Ringwood v Montrose 7-98 M. Edwards 46 J. Stoikos 4-31, Lilydale v Bayswater Park (to be played 25/26 Nov.).

Wilkins Cup

Warranwood 2-174 v Templeton, Norwood v Kilsyth 6-113, Wonga Park 8-105 v Mooroolbark, East Ringwood v Chirnside Park 146.

Newey Plate

Scoresby 6-148 M. Pandya 99 L. Williams 4-33 v South Warrandyte, Croydon Ranges v North Ringwood 3-117, St Andrews 0-2 v Norwood 55 D. Cuthbertson 5-24, Eastfield v Croydon North 2-111.

Pascoe Shield

Bayswater Park v East Ringwood 3-111, Montrose v Wonga Park 3-235 Ford 122 Parker 58,

Kilsyth v Croydon Ranges 8-129, Wantirna South V Ainslie Park 4-184.

Meehan Shield

Croydon North v Lilydale 5-167, Heathmont Baptist v St Andrews 7-82, South Croydon 1-17 v Warrandyte 75, South Warrandyte 6-132 v Warranwood.

A Grade

Chirnside Park v Kilsyth 4-90, Wonga Park 0-19 v North Ringwood 81, Wantirna South 8-190 A. Webb 76no v Wantirna, Ainslie Park 3-43 v Croydon Ranges 94 J. Lawlor 5-20.

B Grade

East Ringwood 191 M. Herriot 66no t. Christou 54 G. Peters 5-51 R. Christie 4-28 v Eastfield,

Mooroolbark 4-204 P. Hilder 83 v Warranwood, Templeton 6-231 v St Andrews, Montrose 3-46 v Bayswater Park 134.

C Grade

Lilydale v Montrose - no score received, Norwood 211 Wilson 73 v Eastfield 0-16, North Ringwood 0-21 v Wonga Park 82 D. Whitty 4-9, Warrandyte v Scoresby 3-170 J. Bourke 71.

D Grade

Croydon Ranges 9-133 C. Noonan 44 M. Piper 5-28 v Heathmont Baptist, St Andrews received forfeit from North Ringwood, Kilsyth v South Croydon 4-149.

E Grade

Bye – Warrandyte, Croydon Ranges 8-165 J. Paisley 41 v Wantirna South, Wonga Park 5-302 S. Foster 88 D. Hawley 59 G. Uh-Henry 57 A. Uh-Henry 57 v Chirnside Park, St Andrews 7-89 v Boronia.

F Grade

Bayswater Park 1-62 v Ainslie Park 2-96 McKenzie 64, Montrose 8-90 v South Warrandyte 6-65, Warranwood 8-89 v Norwood 3-35, Scoresby 1-24 v Lilydale 4-102.

G Grade

South Croydon 4-125 v Lilydale 4-91, Eastfield 8-116 v Kilsyth 5-58, Mooroolbark 4-47 v Croydon Ranges 9-75, Templeton 3-125 v East Ringwood 2-176.

H Grade

Boronia 2-58 v St Andrews 2-64, Wantirna 3-55 v Wonga Park 2-116, Ainslie Park 0-47 v Warrandyte 3-230 S. Dixon 100no, Croydon North 1-110 v Heathmont Baptist 1-33.

I GradeSouth Warrandyte 9-57 v Templeton 0-55, Croydon Ranges received forfeit from Wantirna South, North Ringwood 1-65 v Montrose 5-106 L. Branner 51, Warranwood – Bye.

J Grade

Heathmont Baptist 2-50 v St Andrews 182 R. Kanbi 41 R. McNamara 4-29, Chirnside Park 2-27 v Mooroolbark 4-136 J. King 53, South Croydon 2-93 v Eastfield 1-70.

K Grade

St Andrews 5-130 J. Cuthbertson 71 v Wonga Park 3-178 M. Lander 74, Warrandyte 1-80 v Bayswater Park 78 B. Stubbs 4-25, Chirnside Park 1-45 v Croydon Ranges 7-124 d Hopkins 58 P. Basford 4-8.


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