25 February 2018 - Posted by Roger Copeland


The last Round of the Ringwood and District Cricket Association’s competition was once again marred by a day of intermittent rain which saw many games calling stumps early.

In Trollope Shield, Bayswater Park trying to hold onto 4th place won the toss a bowled against Wantirna South.  After losing 2 early wickets Nalaka DeSilva (111) and Troy McGown (30) steadied the ship to take the score to 92.  Wickets then fell at regular intervals to see the Devils through to 7-200 before Sam Barnes (37) and Caleb Webb (40no) put the icing on the cake at the end of the innings to see Wantirna South through to 9-292. Blake Swanson (4-73) was the major wicket taker for the Sharks.

In a game that will decide 2nd and 3rd place Lilydale won the toss against Ainslie Park and batted.  After falling to 2-24, Mitchell Ebeyer (56) and Marcus Baxter (41) took the score to 98 before the Dales lost wickets in clumps to record 189 off 78 overs. Jake Tucker (5-57) was the pick of the bowlers for Ainslie Park.

Montrose (6th) won the toss and batted against South Croydon (5th) and after falling to 2-8, Michael Edwards (111) and Jake Crowe (66) put on 153 for the 3rd wicket before the Wolves decided to declare at 6-242. Hoping to take early wickets in the remaining 24 overs the South Croydon openers appealed against the light which was upheld and the Bulldogs will start their run chase next week.

In a game of little consequence last place Warrandyte won the toss and batted against top placed North Ringwood.  They lost wickets at regular intervals to make 137 with Ayrton Dehmel (70 off 57 ball) providing the highlight.  In reply the Bulls will resume at 4-77 and will need to play smart cricket to avoid an upset.

SCORES 24-02-18


Trollope Shield

Ainslie Park v Lilydale 189 M. Ebeyer 56 M. Baxter 41 J. Tucker 5-57, Warrandyte 137 A. Dehmel 70 B. Leis 5-42 v North Ringwood 4-77, South Croydon v Montrose 6-242dec M. Edwards 111 J. Crowe 66, Wantirna South 9-292 N. DeSilva 111 v Bayswater Park.

Wilkins Cup

Warranwood 5-154 v East Ringwood, Norwood 4-213 DeKretser 107no Storey 43 v Wonga Park, Kilsyth v Mooroolbark 9-310 W. Ross 83 S. Young 59 C. Grigg 46 D. Gibb 6-64, Templeton 148 v Chirnside Park 0-11.

Newey Plate

Scoresby 0-61 v Eastfield 159, Croydon Ranges v St Andrews 5-197 Paisley 69 Cuthbertson 62, North Ringwood 4-131 D. Tucker 42no v Norwood, South Warrandyte 2-21 v Croydon North 184 C. Noy 64 J. Barrett 4-33.

Pascoe Shield

Bayswater Park 1-12 v Wantirna South 191 Christenson 8-87, Montrose 202 Carratelli 92 Adderly 4-29 v Kilsyth 0-11, Wonga Park 278 Ford 104 Hill 5-94 v Croydon Ranges, East Ringwood 9-201 v Ainslie Park.

Meehan Shield

Croydon North v South Warrandyte 4-148 A. Dilley 48, Heathmont Baptist 154 S. Darmody 46no v South Croydon, St Andrews 52 C. Holland 4-13 v Warrandyte 4-143 J. Ellis 63, Lilydale 7-109 v Warranwood.

A Grade

Chirnside Park 6-177 G. Synan 102no v Ainslie Park, Wonga Park v Wantirna South 181 Ahmed 55 Glide 4-43, North Ringwood 7-277 N. Browne 72 T. Logan 68 R. Briggs 43 v Wantirna, Kilsyth 0-30 v Croydon Ranges 2-353dec N. Balthasar 138 J. Stafford 80no M. Peisley 83no.

B Grade

East Ringwood 6-242 v Montrose, Mooroolbark 7-86 v Templeton 71 J. Merrett 5-7,

Warranwood 2-154 D. Sherlock 106no v St Andrews, Eastfield v Bayswater Park 161 C. Pali 78 R. Christie 6-35.

C Grade

Lilydale 310 M. Goss 144 D. Dobinson 67 M. Browell 40 v Warrandyte, Norwood v North Ringwood 315 D. Whitty 104 J. Fraser 45 M. Wilson 6-124, Eastfield 129 v Wonga Park 2-123,

Montrose 80 Para 4-19 v Scoresby 4-74.

D Grade

Croydon Ranges 3-153 A. Redfern 79no v Kilsyth, St Andrews v South Croydon 181 B. Hooker 46 M. Kerr 4-54, North Ringwood 118 A. Hayes 42 N. Graham 4-30 v Heathmont Baptist.

E Grade

Bye – St Andrews,Croydon Ranges v Wonga Park – washed out, Wantirna South 9-226 A. Webb 119 v Chirnside Park, Warrandyte 0-13 v Boronia 184 L. Warren 7-42.



F Grade

Bayswater Park 3-113 Mills 66 v Scoresby 7-119, Montrose 6-39 v Warranwood 5-165,

South Warrandyte 0-45 v Norwood9-152 R. Allsopp 5-19, Ainslie Park 2-111 J. Ridley 59 v Lilydale 2-91.

G Grade

South Croydon 8-109 v Templeton 2-93, Bye – Mooroolbark, Kilsyth 8-139 v Croydon Ranges 4-99, Lilydale received forfeit from East Ringwood.

H Grade

Boronia 8-137 v Croydon North 3-108, Wantirna 5-148 v Ainslie Park 2-124, Wonga Park 3-129 v Warrandyte 1-97, St Andrews 2-190 S. Wynd 105no v Heathmont Baptist 4-90 C. MacCartney 61no.

I Grade

South Warrandyte 6-150 M. Smith 75 v Warranwood 3-148 R. Gray 45, Croydon Ranges v North Ringwood – no scores received, Wantirna South 4-127 v Montrose 6-134,

Templeton – Bye.

J Grade

Heathmont Baptist 4-95 v Eastfield 3-230 R. Brosnan 90, Chirnside Park 6-70 v South Croydon 3-49, Mooroolbark 0-28 v St Andrews 4-163 V. Duong 63no.

K Grade

St Andrews 8-132 D. Tanzen 48 v Croydon Ranges 3-149 J. O’Neill 48 M. Fusco 45no,

Warrandyte 3-177 v Chirnside Park 5-92, Bayswater Park 3-119 v Wonga Park 2-104.




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