Proposed Senior Rule Changes for the 19/20 Season

18 July 2019 - Posted by Timothy Court


The proposed rule changes for the coming season can be found by clicking on the following link:

Further explanation for rational behind proposed rule changes for season 2019/20

The purpose of this document is to provide some in depth explanation behind the thinking of the Senior Committee with regards to two of the rules changes being proposed. Both of these rules have caused some confusion and come with pro’s and con’s. Please circulate this amongst your committees etc to help you reach your decision on how to vote. 

If you have any questions regarding these rule changes please contact Matt Thomas at


Split Innings

The Proposal 

The Senior Committee would like all grades below the Premier Grades (A grade down) to have split innings.

Why? – What’s the Problem?

Currently Clubs nominate prior to the season if they want to field teams in ‘Normal’ or Modified’ cricket. Every year we’ve been getting more requests to move teams to Modified rather than from Modified to Normal which has seen the Modified division continue to grow at the expense of the higher grades. This has seen these mid grades have Byes and Forfeits over past seasons which just shouldn’t happen. 

At the same time, we are aware that due to many players who could play higher only making themselves available for Modified we now have a situation where F & G grades are of a higher standard than D & E which is not ideal. Furthermore, we also now have a situation where some clubs only have teams in Premier & Modified which is a huge gap to move players between. 

The Solution

Overwhelming the most common reason given for teams and individuals not wanting to play up in the ‘Normal’ grades is the split innings. Essentially, they either don’t want to (or struggle to) field for 72 overs. There are definitely other factors but this is the big one. Speaking to many of the top clubs in modified last season the majority would happily go up if there was split innings. By introducing split innings from A grade down we can get more teams back into ‘Normal’ grades, get a better standard into these grades and eliminate the need for Byes etc. This should also be able to ensure that most clubs will have 1 or 2 teams in ‘normal’ grades. If we don’t do this we will continue to see more and more modified teams every year.

It is important for clubs to realise this is not an attempt to expand Modified but the exact opposite. We are trying to limit Modified to the bottom grades and strengthen the Normal grades which will be much better for preparing players for the Premier grades. 



The Proposal

The Senior Committee would like the finals to be a 2 week finals system in all grades. However, in the vote we have given clubs 3 options – to keep as is, to have 2 weeks from A grade down or 2 weeks in all grades.

Why? – What’s the Problem

The 7/7 fixture that the RDCA operates with requires 21 playing days excluding finals. The Senior Committee believes the integrity of the competition requires all sides to be able to play each team once in a 1 day fixture and once in a 2 day fixture (weather permitting). With the current 3 week finals series this means that most seasons will require a Sunday game in order to fulfil that fixture. We’re well aware just how unpopular the extra Sunday fixture is amongst players and officials (and their families). We are also aware that potentially 3 weeks of Sat / Sun cricket (or more if you’re involved in Junior/Vets finals) is a big ask these days. 

The Solution

A 2 week finals series means you can play everyone twice and nobody has to play Sunday. 

Sudden death finals is common in all levels of cricket and across the majority of competitions around Australia.

Yes this does mean you lose the double chance but you are actually statistically much more likely to win from 1st place in a 2 week system than you are in a 3 week system (we’ve looked at stats from our comp and others over 10 seasons). In Trollope and Wilkins no side has won from 1st over the past 3 seasons with the week off working against the favourites.

It should be noted that if this rule doesn’t get up then there will be a Sunday fixture for the top 5 grades and 13 rounds for A grade and below.

Finals Grounds and Presidents Lunch

These are not rule changes and won’t be voted on but the Senior Committee would appreciate your consideration and feedback on the following questions.

What is your clubs position on playing all finals at home grounds including Premier Grade Grand Finals?

We’ve had strong feedback that this would get better crowds, see better facilities with more volunteers being available and financially reward the top placed team. All 1st XI grounds are now at a standard where this is feasible so we’d appreciate your thoughts?

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