Pitch Length Reduction for U10's, 12/5 & 12/6

6 October 2016 - Posted by Mandy Dolman


At last nights Delegates Meeting it was voted that we trial a reduction in the length of the pitch of 4 metres in our lower age groups. This Trial will run until Christmas when it will be reviewed and it was passed with a 14 to 8 vote last night.

All batting in these age groups will be done from 1 end. The Bowlers end stumps should be a plastic set of milo stumps or equivalent which can be easily moved. If you have bails that would be perfect but they are not essential. The crease at the Bowlers end should be clearly marked in chalk.

The game proceeds as it always has - it is only the length of the pitch that is changing.

In under 10 cricket the pitch can be futher reduced depending on the skill level of the bowler. In under 12 cricket the pitch remains the same distance for all bowlers.

The benfits we hope to see from the decision are:

* Less wides and no balls

* More balls in play for the batter to hit

* More balls being hit, meaning more fielding opportunities

* A shorter running distance allowing players to make more runs without being run out

* A flatter trejectory in the flight of the ball from the bowlers hand meaning more vertical bat shots

* Speed up play and allow for more cricket in the same time frame

* Greater enjoyment and participation for our young players in their first step of their cricketing career

In years under 12/6 finals series there were 3 games of cricket. There were 777 runs scored in those 3 finals and 387 of them were wides and no balls which is 49% of the total runs of the entire finals series.

We appreciate that these games were umpired by offical umpires who may have been more strict on the interpretation of a wide or no ball.  However we also feel that the length of the pitch is making it difficult for our young players to execute the skill level of bowling efficiently. We encourage players parents to approach this trial with a open mind. A negitive mind set from parents will flow onto the kids and that will pass onto the team as a whole.

It is different but we think it can improve the game and helpl the young boys and girls.


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