9 October 2020 - Posted by Jo Fairy



1. New information over the past week

i. School access

Through ongoing support from SRV and the Department of Education & Training, the initial direction for no community access to facilities for Term 4 has been relaxed to enable schools to consider access as follows – “Schools may approve use of outdoor facilities on school property such as ovals if the use aligns with DHHS advice for the relevant activity. Use must be out of school hours. Any toilets must be cleaned before the next school day”.

A great result for community sports like cricket, but ultimately the advice hasn’t changed, clubs need to work closely with their schools.

7 key questions clubs should ask are covered in the new FAQ under the General heading on the CV site.

* ii. Clarity re: masks for umpires

On our behalf, SRV has sought specific clarity from DHHS in respect to the need for cricket umpires to wear a mask. The DHHS position is clear that cricket umpiring does not meet the various reasons for a broad-based exemption – noting some umpires may personally meet the exemption test. Whilst CV acknowledge that many umpires would prefer to not wear a mask for various reasons, CV fully support the DHHS position. Ultimately DHHS set the COVID-19 direction for the state, SRV help to ensure clarity for sport from the DHHS position and CV seeks to ensure clarity for cricket. The pandemic rules set down are to protect people involved in cricket (including umpires) but also the wider community. As will be case with most current restrictions, these are subject to change as the pandemic situation changes and CV will monitor any change to this DHHS position.

2. Webinars this week

The 2 x Umpires webinars where key match day information was covered.

Key questions related to – masks use, frequency of breaks, re-setting stumps protocols, sweat/saliva monitoring, placement of bowler cap/jumper etc.

The 45 minute sessions has been uploaded on the CV website now - webinar section.

3. New resources available on the CV website

- Initial awareness about new free product offering ‘Woolworths Anywhere Cricket Blast’

- CV recommended start dates position statement for WWCB (Feb 6) & rationale

- Player commitment poster

An optional resource for clubs to help players understand the key do’s & don’ts. Clubs could ask players to add their name or even print, sign & return the document. Display on training nights may also help

4. Ongoing current advocacy / clarity being sought by CV from State Government

- Group sizes for training in “Step 3” (currently 10 - ideally 11+)

- Space between groups per oval (currently 2 plus net group - ideally 4 + ‘net’ group)

- Clarity of whether a paid cricket coach can cross the metro / regional border for work purposes (subject to work permit)

This season for everyones sake we must all keep at the forefront of our thinking at all times.

‘Cricket in a pandemic is a privilege – not a right’

Michael Finn - RDCA President


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