Cricket East Metro Stakeholder Update

2 April 2019 - Posted by Timothy Court


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All participating Associations (ECA , BHRDCA & RDCA) in conjunction with CV understand your need to be kept up to date with the progress of all  "Cricket East Metro" or "CEM" discussions knowing that this is essential to the future shape of cricket in the East Metro Region.


Therefore at our last meeting dated Tuesday 26th March , 2019 the " CEM - Collaborative Group" and within that the "CEM - Working Party" defined as one of its major priorities the establishment of this "Club Stakeholder Update “


The purpose of this "Stakeholder Update"  is to ensure as a matter of utmost priority all clubs across all associations now have an official mechanism for receiving and reviewing progress updates from the "CEM" structure in a timely and structured manner. 


This update has been agreed to by all parties involved, so with absolute confidence you as a key representative within our Association will know,


1. Where all CEM discussions are at 

2. What is the focus

3. What are the suggested time lines

4. Address any questions , challenges , fears on even on the odd occasion a misconception you may have

5. And most importantly focus on the key issue of "WIIFM" - what's in it for me

6. Ability to use these updates as a way of "Onboarding" any newly elected committee or executive members at your club after your upcoming AGM's


After each update please feel free to email with any questions you have which we will endeavour to answer back in timely manner.


Our goal is to ensure at all times you are completely informed.


We look forward to sharing more updates as they occur



Michael Finn 


Click here to view the Stakeholder Update

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