Coronavirus COVID-19 Season 2019/2020 Finals Policy

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Coronavirus COVID-19 Season 2019/2020 Finals Policy

Effective for the duration of all RDCA Junior and Senior Finals games in March 2020, the following policy must be implemented for all games and is effective for all players, club officials, RDCA officials and spectators.

* Communal drink containers are banned from use. All persons should make provision for their own personal drink container. Clubs could make available eskies filled with ice, but any drink containers placed in the eskies must be named.

* Change rooms are to be restricted to players from specific team only.

* Players and officials are not to shake hands at any time.

* No spit or sweat is to be used to shine the cricket ball. One designated player can take responsibility for ball shining.

* Morning and afternoon teas are not recommended.

* No food or drink is to be shared within the general precinct of the clubrooms.

* Anyone desiring morning and afternoon teas should make their own arrangements.

* Workers in club canteens/kitchens/bars must wear disposable gloves suitable for preparing and serving
food and drink.

* Spectators should be discouraged from mingling with any players and/or officials.

* Any person displaying symptoms should immediately follow the advice below.

* Any player with confirmed Coronavirus can be substituted with a named 12th man.

FROM: Cricket Victoria

UPDATE: COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Health and Hygiene guidelines from Victorian cricket

As you will be aware, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared COVID-19 Coronavirus at pandemic level internationally.

To reduce the risk of person-to-person transmission of the Coronavirus disease, Cricket Victoria seeks the support of all people involved in the game (whether they be playing, support staff, administrators, volunteers or others) in taking note of the below actions to promote higher levels of sanitisation and individual hygiene.

At this point in time there is no advice that cancellation or postponement of these local fixtures is required, however we urge everyone involved in Victorian cricket to exercise a caution and common-sense approach to their training and match day setups.

The below measures should be put into effect now by all Victorian cricket teams to reduce the spread
of all illnesses, including COVID-19:

• Hand sanitiser to be available in team rooms and players/staff encouraged to use it as well as completing hand washing prior to meals

• Players should avoid using saliva as a method of shining the cricket ball

• All players with any form of respiratory or associated illness or symptoms consistent with COVID-19 should self-isolate and report this immediately to medical staff and be quarantined from training and all matches until assessed and cleared. Players and coaches should not attend training while ill.

• Do not share drinks, towels, lip balm, sunscreen with others (bring your own)

• Limit change room and training attendance to staff who have an operational reason to be there

• Limit sharing of cricket equipment (other than the ball)

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