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20 August 2019 - Posted by Jo Fairy


As way of background, United Solar is one of Victoria’s oldest and most successful solar companies, having worked in the industry since 2009 and complete over 1600+ solar installation per annum as well as a number of large commercial projects, clubs, schools & colleges. 

They undertake a number of projects with the Victorian State Government and have recently been invited to participate in an exciting Community Grants Program which will enable us to assist 10 schools, club and not-for-profits apply for a grant which, if successful, will fund a 99kW Solar System being installed for the organisation.

There are a number of hurdles to jump across to enable this to happen however given the value of the project in respect to reducing the organisations electricity costs as well as the educational benefits with creating an interactive piece for the members to learn about solar, its certainly a project they are passionate about.

United Solar's submission for the organisation's they would like to recommend needs to be ready by end of August / early September 2019 then reviewed for eligibility against the program’s guidelines, with eligible project ideas put forward for community voting in October so they don’t have a great time of time especially as the program is open to all not-for-profit & community orientated organisations. The great news is their team has a great deal of experience working with government funding, as well as this particular program so are confident they can create a compelling submission and with the full support of the organisation and its community can achieve enough votes to win the grant for the organisation,

winning projects would be anticipated to be announced in December 2019.

With that in mind, United Solar Energy is encouraging partnerships with local organisation's to promote sustainability and education and provide avenues through this funding for solar power projects, including yours. United Solar Energy will work with your organisation to provide a detailed quote and project outline including benefits to students/members, the surrounding community and the environment. 

They will also embark on a partnership and assist your organisation to apply, provide the grant writing service and if you are successfully nominated as a project for voting, will assist with the marketing.

As you can see there is no financial risk to the organisation and the grant covers all of our teams costs as well as the full installation of the solar system.

Given the demand for this program and the limited time they have available, they will need you to let them know if you’d like to be considered and they will undertake a site inspection/walk-around to evaluate your organisation viability for solar power (30 mins) as well as have a quick chat. 

FYI - if your organisation is not successful in winning one of these limited grants, United Solar will still be able to assist getting you a grant from another program to cover the cost of a smaller system, which they’ll be happy to do and will apply for concurrently (also need applications to be submitted by the end of August).

Given the large volume of potential projects and short window of opportunity apologies in advance if there’s minimal follow up to this email however on receiving your reply to this email &/or phone call will certainly ensure they do everything in their power to create a successful application for both grants.

Please let them know at your very earliest convenience whether you’d like to commence the process - contact details below.

Kind Regards,

Roshan Ramnarain

Head of Commercial Solutions

Office: 1800 SOLAR | 1800 007 652
Mobile: 0403 297 194
Address: 133-135 Abbott Road, Hallam VIC 3803


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