Bayswater Park CC - Wellness and Mental Health night

7 February 2019 - Posted by Dave Raggett


Bayswater Park CC have a wellness and mental health night at their club tonight! It’s being ran through SALT. They are opening the doors to anyone from across the associatiion, so please feel free to go along.

From Bayswater Park CC :

"Men are notorious for not looking after themselves and over the years we have seen many of our fellow members suffer a variety of mental health issues. As a Club we want to take some positive action and to help us as a group to gain an understanding of anxiety and depression and provide education about positive mental health habits for life. We have engaged Sport & Life Training to come and spend time with us. These guys are a non profit organisation and come highly regarded. They even run the same course for a number of AFL Clubs..

This night will follow training and urge all members of the Senior Club to stick around to learn something or at very least learn how to help their mates."


Posted by Dave Raggett RDCA Media

Content courtesy of Bayswater Park CC


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