AGM Seniors - Wed 17th Aug 2016 7:30pm

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Ringwood and District Cricket Association Inc. (No A116X)

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Wednesday 17 August 2016

Notification to: Executive, All Clubs and Life Members (In terms of RDCA Rules 7 and 12)
Subject: Annual General Meeting
Time: 7.30p.m.
Venue: Ringwood Multi-Purpose Facility (Soccer Club) Reilly St Ringwood - Mel 49 H11 (Entry is opposite No.30. There are some car parking spaces near the building and others in a secondary area closer to the street)
Conditions: Clubs must be represented by at least one (1) of their two members (delegates). A fine may be imposed on a club not represented (Rule 29).

Agenda and Order of Business

  1. Welcome by President and apologies
  2. Adoption of Minutes of 2015/16 AGM (as distributed)
  3. Matters arising from minutes
  4. Recommendations from outgoing committee:
    Affiliation fees - to remain unchanged
    Umpires fees - to remain unchanged - i.e. $130 each where two officiate, $150 when there is only one officiating, $130 if numbers extend to 70 overs per day grades and $60 for 20/20 matches.
    Honorariums - to be increased to a cap of $25,000.
  5. Acceptance and adoption of Financial Statements
  6. Acceptance and adoption of 2015/16 Annual Report
  7. Election of Office Bearers for season 2016/17
  8. General business
  9. Other business

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